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the reptilians have seized control

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  1. men: women who wear makeup are just lying to us
  2. men: it's 8 inches
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1+1 = Ed

The episode where they all became self aware

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ok but why does the glass fill when he drinks


ok but why does the glass fill when he drinks

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I’m sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. I’m busy cutting open Fruit Gushers and squeezing all of the goo into a glass so I can take a shot of it because that has always been a dream of mine and now that I’m an adult with a job, I finally have the means to make it a reality. Please leave your name and number after the beep. 

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I think Hiccup and Astrid are the best animated couple ever.

I love how their relationship isn’t a major plot point for the films. Astrid isn’t there as a reward for the hero, she is also his best friend (next to Toothless of course). She didn’t stop being a warrior after she became a love interest (and Hiccup wouldn’t want her to, he loves her for it).

They talk about their problems. They fight their enemies together. And they trust each other.

Something that I’m just noticing from these gifs. They actually lean their cheeks into the kisses, opposed to just letting the other do all the work.  That’s something actual couples do when they know each other well enough to know it’s coming.  I love this.

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i already know how unpopular i am on this website i dont need a graph to tell me thanks

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My friend hasn’t been texting me back or talking to me like at all lately and it sucks

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what i love about mythbusters is that once they bust a myth they manipulate their variables until something finally explodes bc we all know why you’re really watching this show

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can we just start a movement where we go to male politicians events and we ask them sexist questions like “if you are elected who will take care of the kids” and “what designer are you wearing tonight” “do you think that your stunted and constipated male emotions will affect your decision making”

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saying feminism is unnecessary because you don’t feel oppressed is like saying fire extinguishers are unnecessary because your house isn’t on fire